• responsive css3, js, bootstrap, ui-kit
  • custom web app design & programming
  • ecommerce, storyboarding, emarketing
  • ruby, phoenix, elixir, node.js, vue.js
  • postgres, redis, mysql, cassandra, neo4j
  • contact: info@exelsites.com
  • Ruby on Rails

    Ruby on Rails

    Agile development framework widely used in Silicon Valley startups. Over 60'000 open source plugins.
  • Phoenix framework

    Phoenix Framework

    Agile development framework written in the Elixir language which compiles to Erlang. Robust technology proven over 20 years.
  • Node JS

    Node JS

    Agile development framework written in javascript, good for API's and real time applications.
  • Elixir


    Elixir functional programming language. Compiles to Erlang for very fast concurrent applications.
  • Postgres

    Postgres database

    Enterprise grade open source database with a multitude of plugins. Well proven robust performance.
  • Redis


    High speed database excellent for caching and setting sessions in complex applications.
  • Vue JS

    Vue JS Framework

    Reactive framework excellent for rich user experiences. Diverse and growing ecosystem of plugins.
  • Bootstrap

    Bootstrap Framework

    Most popular front end framework. Vast library of 3rd party plugins. Excellent grid system.
  • UI Kit

    UI-Kit Framework

    Very elegant front end framework. More elegant set of plugins, and is the framework used for this website.
  • Photoshop


    Best photo editing application, vast arrary of options including automation of repetitive tasks.
  • Docker


    Easier deployment of applications in containers that include all the applications required to power a solution.
  • Amazon Web Services

    Amazon Web Services

    Great cloud solution when you need elasticity, the abilty for your application to automatically increase or decrease the number of instances.

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